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Normandy: a beautiful region with a personal nature.

Normandy invites the visitor to ‘slow down’ in this region that remains a largely untouched paradise in spite of the tourism. From Haute Normandie to Basse Normandie, from Le Havre and the D Day Beaches to Rouen, down to Honfleur and Deauville… This beautiful region with a personal nature really amazes its visitors.

Do not miss…

  • Giverny – The city of Claude Monet (68 km).
  • Honfleur – An impressionist place (88 km).
  • Êtretat – A cliffs that inspire your imagination (89 km).
  • Le Hâvre – History remains here (89 km.)
  • Le Mont Saint-Michel – Climb an awesome experience. (253 km)

Rouen, historical capital of Normandy

The city of Rouen lies northwest of Paris on the lower Seine, around 130 km above its mouth. The ancient capital of Normandy, it is now chief town of the Haute-Normandie region, one of France’s largest river port and one of its largest seaports, situated at the highest point on the river navigable by seagoing vessels. At the same time, it is also a major centre of the cotton industry.

  • The typical houses from Rouen with wooden frameworks and pedestrian streets.
  • The Great Clock
  • The Cathedral of Notre Dame
  • River tourism and port activity
  • The Bourgtheroulde Mansion
  • The antique dealers’ areas Gothic churches: Saint-Ouen, Saint-Maclou, Saint-Patrice, Saint-Godard, Saint-Vivien.
  • Interesting: The Aître (patio), Saint-Maclou, Palace of Bourgtheroulde, Public Prosecutors’ Chamber 
  • Museums: Fine Arts, Gros-Horloge, Natural History Museum, Ceramics, Ferronnerie Le Secq des Tournelles, Antiques, National Museum of Education, Juana de Arco, Flaubert, River and Marine.
  • Nearby: Valley of the Seine and Norman abbeys: Giverny and Étretat
  • Festivals: ‘Viva Cité’ (June) and ‘Anniversary of the Belly Celebration and the Norman Celebration’ (October).
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